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The Authority provides opportunities for career development in the exciting financial services industry.  

Our staff is comprised of various professionals with a vast amount of experience. Many of them grew up with the Authority, working their way up through the ranks while establishing their skill and leadership at every level.   

My journey with CIMA has been...



Cindy Scotland, Managing DirectorRewarding

Cindy Scotland joined the Authority at its inception in January 1997 as the Head of Currency Operations. In 2002, she was promoted to Managing Director. She oversees implementation of policies to ensure sound management of the Cayman Islands’ currency,   and effective supervision of regulated entities operating in and from the Cayman Islands.  



D. Musson(1)


Deborah Musson is Head of the Human Resources Division, a post to which she was appointed in 2011.  She began her career in 1993 in the post of Banking Analyst with the then Financial Services Supervision Department of the Cayman Islands Government. 



Mitchell Scott, Head of Policy and DevelopmentEventful 

Mitchell Scott is Special Assistant to the Managing Director, a position to which he was appointed in 2014. In July 1986, he became an Analyst in the Cayman Islands’ Government’s Banking Supervision Department and moved up the ranks to Acting Deputy Inspector of Banks.  Within CIMA, he has also served as Head of the Investments and Securities Division. Prior to his latest appointment, he was the Head of the Policy and Development Division.   


Mrs. Judiann Myles 


Judiann Myles was promoted to Deputy Head of the Policy and Development Division in 2014. She joined CIMA’s Investment and Securities Division as an Administrative Assistant in 1999, and rose through the ranks. 



Tara Abdul-JabbarRewarding

Tara Abdul-Jabbar began her career at CIMA on 5 June 2000 as an Administrative Assistant. Tara has climbed up the ranks during her journey. Her first promotion was to the Senior Administrative Assistant position. She was later promoted to Human Resources Officer. Tara was promoted to her current position as Deputy Head of the Human Resources Division on 1 August 2011.  




Shenique DixonShenique Dixon-Lodge began her career at CIMA in 2006 as a Receptionist. She absorbed all the feedback and training opportunities, steadily earning transfers from one division to another.  She was subsequently promoted to Administrative Assistant and most recently to Analyst in the Investments and Securities Division.  



Kara EbanksFavourable

Kara Ebanks began employment with CIMA in January 2007 as an Analyst within the Insurance Supervision Division. During her tenure, she also earned a Bachelor of Science degree. In July 2011, she was promoted to Senior Analyst, and in August 2016 she was once again promoted to Chief Analyst.   



ValuableSamantha Williams

Samantha Williams’ journey with CIMA began as an intern in the Insurance Supervision Division in 2011. Later that year, her dedication and commitment led to an offer of a full-time role as the Administrative Assistant in the Information Systems Division, while pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree.  In May 2013, she joined the Insurance Supervision Division as an Analyst and in August 2016 she was promoted to Senior Analyst.   


Andrew GrahamWorthwhile

Andrew Graham began his career at CIMA in October 2003 as an Analyst in the Investments and Securities Division. He later advanced to Senior Analyst, and was promoted to his current position as Chief Analyst on 1 July 2015.    




EmpoweringTarena Christian

Tarena Christian is Senior Analyst in the Fiduciary Division. She began her journey on 22 April 2002 as an Administrative Assistant. Four years later, she moved up to Junior Analyst, and was then promoted to Analyst in 2010.  









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