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The Cayman Islands is recognised as a major supplier of cross-border financial services, and this industry is one of the two key components of the economy of the Cayman Islands.  As the regulator for this industry, CIMA has developed a robust supervisory regime that has been recognised by international organizations and some jurisdictions. The International Monetary Fund (the “IMF”) deemed the Cayman Islands’ regulatory regime to be well-developed and in compliance with a wide range of international standards.

You can play a significant part in this by joining CIMA and building an exciting career as a regulator, in an organisation requiring a unique set of skills to make your mark in the field of financial services regulation.

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority provides a world of exposure to the Cayman Islands’ financial services industry and the opportunity for a select group of individuals to play a vital role in the continuous enhancements of this critical sector.

As a member of the CIMA team, you will not only gain invaluable experience and knowledge of our domestic markets, you will also gain international exposure to the ever-evolving field of regulation. 

Life at CIMA – At CIMA, we support continuous learning, education and training. We invest in our people both in time and benefits.  We’re not only concerned about your performance as a part of our team; but we’re also interested in our employees gaining well-rounded professional development experience.  

Diversity at CIMA - We employ a diverse workforce.  All employees enjoy comprehensive health insurance, life insurance and pension benefits, training and learning opportunities, and recognition of performance through merit.

We work hard and we therefore, also enjoy having a balance with our personal lives and work.  In addition to our mothers having maternity benefits, we recognise our dads with Paternity Leave.   CIMA was the first Government statutory authority to sign the Gender Equality Pledge.
CIMA Gender Equality Pledge  
CIMA cares by recognising the importance of the wellbeing of our employees through CIMA’s Wellness Committee.   In the organisation of its health care programme and through recognition of all mothers and fathers on the internationally recognised days, the Authority acknowledges the importance of a balance of mind, body and spirit.  The  Green Team initiatives and activities form a part of this commitment to caring for our natural environment.   Our employees are also dedicated to serving the community in which they live and work.  

MOW Kim and Tara 
Further, in acknowledgement of the benefits of healthy lifestyles and in promotion of team work, the Authority sponsors the participation of the CIMA Football Team in the Cayman Islands Annual Government Football League.

 2014 CIMA Football Team 
I Am CIMA - Key to our organisation's success in being regarded as a desirable place to work; is having a team of professionals each contributing to the vibrant culture at CIMA, with their own unique personality and skills. Our employees proudly play their role in helping CIMA meeting its objectives. Here are some of our team members: Chad Bodden, Tarena Christian, Eric Webster.

Each month, employees organise a lively devotional session, where choruses are sung to the accompaniment of guitar playing by one of their colleagues, and inspirational messages are shared by religious leaders from the community.
Devotion Group
We believe that an important part of our future is dependent on the future generations knowing what CIMA is about. CIMA supports internship opportunities which enable young scholars to be exposed to and educated about what we do.

CIMA 2014 Summer Interns 
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Scholarship is an extension of our philosophy of the importance of education and helping young persons build a career in financial services regulation.  We invite you to meet with a representative of the Human Resources Division.  Learn what CIMA has to offer and come build a career in regulation with CIMA.




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