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How to File a Complaint

Pursuant to Section 6(2)(f) of the Monetary Authority Law (MAL), the Authority is obliged to recognise the need for transparency and fairness.   

In this regard, the Procedure to File Complaints document includes details on how to file complaints regarding the way in which the Authority has carries out its functions.  

For the purposes of this procedure, “complaint” means any expression of dissection about the manner in which the Authority has carried out its functions under the MAL and the regulatory laws, or the conduct of the Authority’s management, employees or persons acting on its behalf in the purported exercise of such functions.  

Complaints about the way in which the Authority has acted or omitted to act (ie: allegations of misconduct), includes alleging, but not limited to:  

  •  mistakes and lack of care; 
  •  unreasonable delay; 
  •  unprofessional behavior; 
  •  bias and; 
  •  lack of integrity 

Any person directly affected by the way in which the Authority has carried out its functions may file a complaint in writing to the Managing Director. The Authority will not accept anonymous complaints. 

All documents can be submitted by any of the following means:  

  1.  Email: Complaints   
  2.  Hand deliver to the receptionist in Eden House, Elizabethan Square, 80 Shedden Road, George Town, Grand Cayman; or  
  3.  Post: 
P.O. Box 10052
Grand Cayman KY1-1001
Cayman Islands  
The Authority will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within five working days.  
If you have any specific questions please click Email Us.


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