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Freedom of Information

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The Freedom of Information Law gives the public a general right of access to all types of records held by Cayman's public authorities, with some exceptions. CIMA is fully committed to the objectives of the law: openness, transparency and accountability and greater public participation in decision making.


Section 15 of the FOI Law lists the exemptions to the general right of access to records.

CIMA Exclusion

The FOI Law also has an exclusion for CIMA specifically. This exclusion, found at section 3(1)(c) of the FOI Law, is that the FOI Law does not cover any records and information protected by section 50 of the Monetary Authority Law.

Publication Scheme

As required by section 5 of the FOI Law, CIMA maintains a publication scheme through which we pro-actively publish as much information relating to our functions and work as is permissible.

What We Publish

The information that CIMA pro-actively publishes in accordance with the FOI Law includes:

  • The  functions of the Authority, its work and how it sets about its tasks. (See: About Us)
  • The divisions of the Authority. (See: Supervisory Divisions; Non-Supervisory Divisions)
  • The subjects handled by each division, including the locations of its departments and its opening hours. (See: Contact Us for our location, general contact numbers, and times of operation.)
  • The title and business address of the principal officer and other key officers within the Authority.
  • Manuals, interpretations, rules, guidelines, practices or precedents. (See below)

In addition, CIMA publishes:

FOI Contact

Information Manager: Angelina Partridge

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
80e Shedden Rd., Elizabethan Square
P.O. Box 10052, Grand Cayman  KY1-1001

Tel: (345) 949 7089
Fax:  (345) 949 1464

Note: Before submitting a FOI request, please check the CIMA document library to see if the information you may wish to request is already publicly available.

If you have any specific questions please click Email Us.


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Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
PO Box 10052
80 Shedden Road
Elizabethan Square
Grand Cayman  KY1-1001

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