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Consultation - Current Documents

See The Consultation Process for information on the types of measures on which CIMA consults and which organisations are consulted. 





Consultation Deadline 


Professional Indemnity Insurance


Cover Letter Private Sector Consultation Paper on Proposed Statement of Guidance 

18 March 2016 

Statement of Guidance - Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) - Draft 

18 March 2016 

Consultation Paper - Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) 


18 March 2016 

Internal Capital Models

Cover Letter Internal Capital Models     
Summary of Consultation - Internal Capital Models - Regulatory Procedure    
Summary of Consultation - Internal Capital Models - General Comments     
Summary of Consultation - Internal Capital Models - Statement of Guidance    

Private Sector Consultation Paper - Approval Internal Capital Models 

1 February 2016

Private Sector Consultation Statement Of Guidance Approval of Internal Capital Models - For Consultation 

1 February 2016

 Regulatory Procedure Submission process for Licensees - For Consultation 

1 February 2016

 Statement of Guidance- Internal Capital Models- For Consultation 

1 February 2016


Waiver of Audit


 Cover Letter - Regulatory Policy - Exemption from Audit Requirements 


Regulatory Policy: Exemption from Audit Requirement for a Regulated Mutual Fund  


Private Sector Consultation Amendment To The Regulatory Policy 

8 January 2016

 Private Sector Consultation Paper on proposed amendment to Regulatory Policy 1Dec2015 

8 January 2016

 Regulatory Policy - Waiver of an Audit for Mutual Funds - For Consultation 

8 January 2016


Corporate Governance


Cover Letter Rule Corporate Governance Insurers 


Summary of Consultation Feedback - Rule on Corporate Governance for Insurers 


 Cover Letter Private Sector Consultation Paper on Proposed Rule 

18 September 2015

 Draft Rule Corporate Governance for Insurers 

18 September 2015

Rule on Corporate Governance 

18 September 2015

 Private Sector Consultation Paper SOG CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 

18 September 2015

 Draft SOG Corporate Governance 2015 

18 September 2015





Click Prior Consultation to view measures that were previously issued for consultation but not yet finalised. Measures that have been finalised and implemented can be viewed in the Index of Regulatory Measures section.

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